Three Simple Guitar Playing Techniques for Beginners

I still have very fresh memories of when I used to learn how to play my guitar. I had a strong feeling that I wanted to develop a new skill. It was not an easy undertaking, but thanks to my mentors who provided me with some very simple but useful tips.

These skills made me play my first song within the first three days, and this is why I choose to share them in this article. is the best site for upcoming musicians.

Here are some tips that can assist you to shape your guitar playing techniques if you are a beginner.

First Song

You can learn to play the guitar very fast if you choose an easy song as your first song. Pick a song that you are very familiar with if you want to learn quickly. Apart from being simple, it should be a song you love to keep you going when you feel like giving up.

In my case, I enjoyed using the song ‘Leaving on the Jet Plane’ that was composed by John Denver. I always advise those people who come for my opinion to start with this song. My assumption is that everyone knows this famous song and I stand to be corrected.

The only things you need to learn are the three simple guitar chords.  These includes the D major, C major, and G major.

When my younger brother wanted to get to play the guitar, I used this song to train him. I was shocked to discover that he used a few hours to play the song.

Some people take a few hours while others take a few days depending on their intellect.

Strumming Pattern and Tempo

It’s important to note that strumming follows distinct musical patterns. Some songs have mixed patterns while others have simple ones. You need to choose a song that has a simple strumming pattern as your fast song.

This explains why I picked the song I stated above as it has one of the easiest strumming patterns. As you play; you have to keep in touch with the tempo and strumming pattern even if the second hand is unable because of the changing chords.

You have to keep on playing even if your chords come up a bit late. Your chords hand will catch up with the beat sooner than you expect.  You can get some strumming pattern guitar lessons here:

Sing Loudly

Most beginners don’t like to sing along as they practice their first piece. They will always tell you that singing along makes the learning process very challenging.

The truth of the matter is that you use the guitar as a song accompaniment. The only thing that will make you unable to catch up with the singer is when you are playing offbeat.

Singing along the guitar verifies that you have the correct timing and proofs that you are on the right track. Singing loudly shifts the focus of the learner to learning the instrument more than the singing.

You also have to maintain the tempo even if the accompaniment comes with some delays. You will slow your progress down if you decide to wait for the guitar to catch. Alternatively, you may let someone do the singing as you concentrate on the guitar.