Why You Should Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar produces one of the most beautiful sounds imaginable if you learn how to play well. It is also proven to be an excellent relaxation method for the person playing, as well as the listener.

Many of the most famous musicians such as Eric Clapton owe the majority of their success to their ability to play the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is also a simple essential for musicians, as no amplification is required to produce enough sound to sing along to.

Meaning that your ability to perform in more places is significant increased, without causing you to purchase loads of equipment. Most of the relaxation music you hear in Spas or meditations are made up of acoustic guitar either alone, or combined with soft vocals.

How much does an acoustic guitar cost?

Prices vary depending on the brand you choose to buy. For beginners, it is always worth picking up a guitar for under $200 with the intention of upgrading to a better one, once you have determined whether or not you plan to continue playing.

There are also several excellent options available at discounted prices on websites like Amazon.com, which also gives you the ability to read accurate reviews from others who have bought the same guitar you are interested in.

If you want to try before you buy, then your local music store should have a good selection.

It is easy to transport

The owners of expensive acoustic guitars would never dream of just slinging their instrument over their shoulder when they board a train.

However, this is more common than your would think and although they can be rather bulky, they are usually incredibly lightweight, meaning that you can easily travel around with them.

Socially acceptable

Playing the acoustic guitar is acceptable pretty much anywhere. Many people would be opposed to their neighbor practicing the drums until late at night, but there is something incredibly soothing about the twang of the acoustic guitar.

It is also a great way to make friends outside, as you can start strumming away at the beach or your local park and you can be sure that you will attract a group of admirers before too long.


There are lots of free resources online, as well as books which all teach you how to play the acoustic guitar, meaning that you don’t have to invest in expensive lessons to become a good player.

Many of the free YouTube videos allow beginners to learn with ease and watch a “virtual” teacher instructing them how to hold the guitar correctly and how to learn different guitar playing techniques.

Of course, you won’t be able to get feedback or constructive criticism from them, but websites like Meetup.com give you the opportunity to get together with other acoustic guitar players living in your area so you can all help each other out and improve your guitar playing ability, whilst making new friends at the same time.