How to own the Stage during a Performance

You should never go on a stage performance unless you are sure of what the industry expects you to do. You may end up making some terrible mistakes that may kill your career.

Stage performance does not only include beats, flowing, and following the rhythm. Your audience you feel your presence from the presentation skills you portray.

This article will focus on how to stand while singing on stage.  The main intention is to ensure that you own the stage during any presentation.

What is your Purpose while on Stage?

When planning for a performance on stage, you must understand why you are going to stand before your audience. Remember you are not going on stage to entertain yourself.

It’s critical to enjoy your performance, but you have to bear in mind that the main reason for your presentation is your audience. You must remember that you are offering a service to your audience.

The way you perform will determine whether they will be willing to listen to you in future. You can go through this video if you wish to learn how to improve your presence on stage:

You need to be careful on anything you say or play because it can impact someone within the audience. I came across a young presenter who was carried by emotions and he acted in a manner that did not please the audience.

This was his fast state function to perform and I may not be shocked if it’s the last. Your audiences hold your career in their hands and you need to understand this fact while on stage.

This does not imply you fear because you may not meet their needs through fear. You only have to be conscious of your actions and words during the performance.

Your location on stage

The performance stage usually seems to be so big for new artists. As an artist, you have the option of letting the stage scare you or owning it. The only way you can own your stage is by owning the audience.

The first thing is to mentally split your stage into three steps. The first region should be your maintain center of focus. This is the region at the centre front of your stage.

If you have attended several concerts, you will discover that most people like sitting in front and the middle. This is usually the case irrespective of the nature of the performance.

There is no way you will only perform to the people that are at the center and in front of the stage. Therefore, you have to find the right and center of all the audiences irrespective of where they are sitting.

You have to concentrate at the center of the stage but move in the other two sections to satisfy all your clients. You may not please your audience if you stick in the same position during your performance.

The last thing you should note is that never shuffle around once you own the stage. Plant your feet and be keen as you move them from one position to another. Stick to what you have rehearsed because running with emotions may get things out of hand.