Headphone Styles: A Guide for Buying Music Headphones

headphone-stylesAre you thinking about purchasing headphones to listen to your favorite music? The struggle could be how to find the best stereo headphones that will meet your needs.

There are several headphone models and manufacturers to choose from in the modern marketplace. Headphones are gaining popularity because music is everywhere including your iPhone, Laptop, MP3 player just to name a few.

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The new generation of slim headphones brings home stereo sounds or high-resolution music directly to your ears irrespective of your location. You will always find a headphone style that perfectly meets your needs.

The primary determinant of style is how you plan to use the headphones. Here are some of the headphone styles you can find in the marketplace.

Ear buds

You probably understand that ear buds are free headphones upon the purchase of a Smartphone, iTouch, iPhone, iPod, and MP3 player among others. You place these little headphones inside your ear canal.

These are relatively small and low-cost headphones that are good for travel. The headphones provide excellent noise isolation from the external environment.

However, they don’t produce high-quality sound, may be uncomfortable over long usage periods, and may fall during workouts.

Clip on or Sports Headphones

You can easily associate this category of headphones with the earphones that used to come along with the yellow Sony Walkman. Currently, most of these brands have a plastic hook that goes around the back of your neck, over the top of your head, or clip onto your ear.

You can use them for running, weight lifting, or in a gym. They stay better on your ears and don’t overheat them. These are relatively low-cost headphones that are highly portable and easy for travel.

Ear Pad Headphones

These headphones have pads that sit on your ears and not inside the ears like ear buds. They produce high-quality music, don’t overheat your ears, and are relatively comfortable.

Most of these headphones come at a moderately fair price. However, they may become a bit uncomfortable if you use them for long periods as they pull the ear down.

Fully Sealed Headphones or Cans

These headphones seal around your ear and enclose it fully. They provide you with a high-quality music listening experience while blocking external noise and deliver a broad range of sound.

However, they may be uncomfortable over long periods and overheat the ears. They are not as portable as the first styles and may be relatively expensive depending on the model.

This video can assist you to choose the best headphones depending on your need.

Noise Canceling Headphones

These headphones create an anti-noise that eliminates outside sound. You may use them while listening to music or not.

They produce very high audio quality and allow you to listen to your music at moderate volume levels. They can overheat your ears, use traditional batteries for power, and may be heavy and bulky.

Wireless Headphones

These headphones are becoming popular with the current technological advancements. They have no cords that can tangle or tether you.

Most of them don’t produce audio quality like that of wired earphones, are relatively expensive, and may be heavy or bulky. You now have all it takes to choose the best headphones depending on your needs.