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Headphone Styles: A Guide for Buying Music Headphones

headphone-stylesAre you thinking about purchasing headphones to listen to your favorite music? The struggle could be how to find the best stereo headphones that will meet your needs.

There are several headphone models and manufacturers to choose from in the modern marketplace. Headphones are gaining popularity because music is everywhere including your iPhone, Laptop, MP3 player just to name a few. provides up to date information on the headphones marketplace.

The new generation of slim headphones brings home stereo sounds or high-resolution music directly to your ears irrespective of your location. You will always find a headphone style that … Read the rest

How to Transcribe Video and Audio Files that Have a Bad quality of Sound

Have you been thinking of how you can get the best out of a dodgy video? I have learned so much out of my eight-year transcriptionist experience.

You can find very critical tips on how to boost the quality of your music or video sound from

Here are some of the tips you can use to produce high-quality sound out of a poorly done piece of work.

Turn up the Sound

Express transcription software has several options that you can use to turn poor quality audio.  One of the best options is the channel toolbar. Dictation Audio always … Read the rest