Breathing Techniques for Singing

breathing techniques for singersThe best way you can learn how to sing is to understand how to breathe properly. You need to know how to control your breathing so that you use it to optimum effect while singing.

Breathing among babies is naturally correct. A baby can breathe, scream and yell with optimal effect because you utilize your lungs without any conscious thought.

Most grownups tend to become lazy and start using the upper part of their lungs by taking a breath that is shallower than the normal one.

You cannot understand how to breathe properly if you don’t understand how your lungs work.

The diaphragm is the muscle system that surrounds your lungs. The diaphragm acts as an inhalation device and is attached to the bottom, back and sides of the lower ribs.

When you breathe in, the intestines and stomach is displaced because the muscles move down. On the contrary, as you breathe out, the diaphragm assists in managing the abdominal muscles.

Watch the following informative video now to learn more about proper breathing techniques:

The diaphragm hinders the abdominal muscle’s action when you breathe out very fast.

However, there is no action taken by the diaphragm when you breathe out slowly. Any singer should know how to utilize his muscle system to control the exhalation of his breathe.

Try holding your finger near your lips and start breathing out slowly. You will notice that you will produce a moist and warm breath and the subsequent action of the diaphragm.

This is the best amount of breathe required for normal singing. A good singer should not push or force air out of his vocal cord for him to produce a nice sound.

This puts intensive pressure on your cords and may damage the voice.

The area around your stomach has to move naturally to the inside as you finish breathing. If you suck in the stomach, it will hinder the effective operations of the diaphragm.

The area around your abdomen has to remain expanded to the same level and allow it to decrease gradually and naturally towards the end of your breathing. You can also read more from

This is where you need to exercise a lot of control as a singer. You need to expand your lungs by inhaling.

You should also control the amount of air you exhale while singing by keeping your muscle support system expanded.

You should not allow it to blow up like a balloon when you inhale. It’s advisable to slow down naturally as it comes down.

Most people prefer to use the top part of their lungs to take shallow breathes. Using the whole lung is important because it avails enough air to the lungs.

As a singer, you should use the natural action of abdominals and the diaphragm to keep the amount of exhaled air controlled while singing a note.

Good breathe during speech or singing requires a good posture, breathing during natural pauses and abdominal breathing.

Proper support during breathing does not require a lot of physical strength. However, it’s good to have toned abdominal muscles, and a kid can learn how to support their voices and breathe accordingly.

You should understand note that the diaphragm does not exhale on your behalf but assists you to control the amount of air you exhale.