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Benefits of Learning to Play Piano Online

Many people will attest to the fact that learning to play the piano is not an easy task. However, you can go for online music solutions as they can assist you to save a lot of time and money.

I have several friends who take piano lessons online as they view it as a great way of acquiring music skills. One of them told me that the site that motivated him to go for online music lessons is

This website has a lot of information on online music lessons that can guide your decision. Here are some of … Read the rest

How to Take Guitar Lessons

People who want to learn to play guitar have access to several options. You can choose to use a computer or hire a private instructor.

The popularity of has been on the rise since most people don’t have time to sit in a classroom. Apart from attending guitar lessons, you need to have general information on music and singing.

In my search for these music tips, I came across a great singing site. You can see more here if you want to be inspired by the same music website.

At the moment, I want us to take time and digest … Read the rest

A Review of the Sennheiser HD650 Open Back Professional Headphones

As a general advice, you should never purchase a headphone before you undertake an in depth review of the product.

This article focuses on one of the popular earphones you can find in the market at pocket friendly prices. The Sennheiser HD 650 headphone is an open and dynamic earphone that has a circumaural design, acoustic silk attenuation, and an audiophile sound reproduction system.

The package also comes with an eighth to a quarter inch adapter and works so well with portable audio devices.

They also have an OFC copper cable that is highly conductive and their ear cups have … Read the rest

Headphone Styles: A Guide for Buying Music Headphones

headphone-stylesAre you thinking about purchasing headphones to listen to your favorite music? The struggle could be how to find the best stereo headphones that will meet your needs.

There are several headphone models and manufacturers to choose from in the modern marketplace. Headphones are gaining popularity because music is everywhere including your iPhone, Laptop, MP3 player just to name a few. provides up to date information on the headphones marketplace.

The new generation of slim headphones brings home stereo sounds or high-resolution music directly to your ears irrespective of your location. You will always find a headphone style that … Read the rest

How to Transcribe Video and Audio Files that Have a Bad quality of Sound

Have you been thinking of how you can get the best out of a dodgy video? I have learned so much out of my eight-year transcriptionist experience.

You can find very critical tips on how to boost the quality of your music or video sound from

Here are some of the tips you can use to produce high-quality sound out of a poorly done piece of work.

Turn up the Sound

Express transcription software has several options that you can use to turn poor quality audio.  One of the best options is the channel toolbar. Dictation Audio always … Read the rest

How to Identify the Best Piano Software for Your Children

kid-playing-pianoI could be writing to someone who intends to enroll his kids in piano lessons. You are on the right track because recent surveys reveal that music lessons promote brain development in children.

You can click here to discover how music can benefit your kids.  Piano lessons are very expensive, and alternatives such as piano software can assist you to save some cash.

There exists a broad range of keyboard software in the marketplace, and the challenge could be determining the best for your kids. You should always go for software that will start off your children well on the … Read the rest

Three Simple Guitar Playing Techniques for Beginners

I still have very fresh memories of when I used to learn how to play my guitar. I had a strong feeling that I wanted to develop a new skill. It was not an easy undertaking, but thanks to my mentors who provided me with some very simple but useful tips.

These skills made me play my first song within the first three days, and this is why I choose to share them in this article. is the best site for upcoming musicians.

Here are some tips that can assist you to shape your guitar playing techniques if you … Read the rest

How to own the Stage during a Performance

You should never go on a stage performance unless you are sure of what the industry expects you to do. You may end up making some terrible mistakes that may kill your career.

Stage performance does not only include beats, flowing, and following the rhythm. Your audience you feel your presence from the presentation skills you portray.

This article will focus on how to stand while singing on stage.  The main intention is to ensure that you own the stage during any presentation.

What is your Purpose while on Stage?

When planning for a performance on stage, you must … Read the rest

Why You Should Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar produces one of the most beautiful sounds imaginable if you learn how to play well. It is also proven to be an excellent relaxation method for the person playing, as well as the listener.

Many of the most famous musicians such as Eric Clapton owe the majority of their success to their ability to play the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is also a simple essential for musicians, as no amplification is required to produce enough sound to sing along to.

Meaning that your ability to perform in more places is significant increased, without causing you to … Read the rest

Benefits of Using the Sennheiser Noise Canceling Headphones

sannheiser-headphonesMost people prefer to use the noise-canceling Sennheiser headphones because they produce an amazingly clear sound. They fall within the same price range with other headphones in the market but offer an excellent service.

Sennheiser headphones are well designed to fulfill all functions that earphones can undertake. They are simple and well designed in comparison to other headphones in the market.

Sennheiser is making a lot of investments to ensure that they maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. They offer the most competitive headphones in the market in comparison with other brands.

Here are some of the benefits of using … Read the rest

Hitting The High Notes When Singing

singing-high-notesBeing able to hit the high notes in a song is a worry for many singers today, especially men. As a rule of thumb, singing below your natural vocal range tends to be not so much of an issue as transitioning into a higher range.

Contemporary pop music is somewhat biased towards high-pitched tunes, therefore it is only natural that those hoping to pursue a professional career as a singer want to spend as much time as possible learning how to hit high notes effortlessly.

Developing a strong singing voice takes time, practice and effort. Singing lessons with a … Read the rest

Audio-Technica Headphones

technc-headphonesAudio-technica is a reputable group of worldwide companies that is dedicated to creating audio equipment.

Founded in 1962 this outstanding brand strive to provide their customers by setting high standards for their competitors through the design and manufacturing of quality headphones for both personal and professional use.

The Japan based company has its headquarters in Tokyo and they provide the microphones for US Presidential debates.

Audio-technica offers a large range of headphones ranging from over ear high fidelity headphones for DJs and gamers, to wireless and noise cancelling in-ear headphones for personal use.

Their range of headphones vary in price,  … Read the rest

The 3 Best Headphones For Cellphones

Since pretty much everyone these days has a smartphone, there is a reduced need to carry a separate MP3 player around with you just to listen to music, watch movies, or listen to audiobooks.

Smartphones that allow you to stream videos via your 4G data plan, download the latest Game of Thrones episode from the app store, or just listen to a meditation playlist on YouTube during your long commute to work, have been an absolute essential for those who are on the move often.

There is of course the ongoing debate about whether or not using headphones with your … Read the rest

5 Things you Didn’t Know About Beyonce

beyonzeBeyonce is one of the most influential singers of all time. Loved by everybody, this talented RnB Diva is listened to by millions of people around the world.

Beyonce is married to the Hip Hop megastar Jay-Z who once was quoted saying that his wife is “the greatest living entertainer.”

Beyonce´s full name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles and she began her singing career at the tender age of 8 years old, when she would enter several talent contests in a bit to steal the spotlight.

Her debut to fame was made when she became the lead singer of the popular … Read the rest

Tips for Playing Guitar With Small Hands

If you have invested thousands of dollars into all the equipment you need to be a successful guitarist, only to discover that your main hindrance is the fact that you have small hands then you are not alone.

No matter how much time you have dedicated to your daily practice, having small hands as a guitar player is a frustrating obstacle, which you are going to have to learn to work with, rather than against. Here are some useful tips for playing the guitar with small hands, so you don’t have to give up on your dreams.

Make use of… Read the rest

Breathing Techniques for Singing

breathing techniques for singersThe best way you can learn how to sing is to understand how to breathe properly. You need to know how to control your breathing so that you use it to optimum effect while singing.

Breathing among babies is naturally correct. A baby can breathe, scream and yell with optimal effect because you utilize your lungs without any conscious thought.

Most grownups tend to become lazy and start using the upper part of their lungs by taking a breath that is shallower than the normal one.

You cannot understand how to breathe properly if you don’t understand how your lungs … Read the rest

The Secrets To Song writing: How to write killer lyrics

song notesIf you want to pursue a career in the music industry, but you haven’t been blessed with the voice or ability to play a musical instrument well, then song writing could be the perfect solution.

The majority of famous artists don’t actually write their own songs and whilst songwriters oftentimes remain behind the scenes, it can be a highly lucrative career for those who are happy to stay out of the spotlight.

As with pretty much any job in the music industry, being a successful songwriter who gets to work alongside recognized artists can be extremely competitive and frustrating.

What … Read the rest

What To Look For When Buying the Best Karaoke Machine


Whether you enjoy singing along to your favorite tunes at a family gathering, or you are a professional singer, karaoke machines are the perfect way to add some extra entertainment to any party or get-together.

Karaoke has also been the key to a singer´s success, which is why it has becoming increasingly popular in recent years. With such a wide choice available on the market today, it can be rather challenging to pick one that gives you the most value for your money.

Many first time buyers often fall into the trap of paying top dollar for a karaoke … Read the rest