Audio-Technica Headphones

technc-headphonesAudio-technica is a reputable group of worldwide companies that is dedicated to creating audio equipment.

Founded in 1962 this outstanding brand strive to provide their customers by setting high standards for their competitors through the design and manufacturing of quality headphones for both personal and professional use.

The Japan based company has its headquarters in Tokyo and they provide the microphones for US Presidential debates.

Audio-technica offers a large range of headphones ranging from over ear high fidelity headphones for DJs and gamers, to wireless and noise cancelling in-ear headphones for personal use.

Their range of headphones vary in price,  depending on the spec of the product you choose, but some of the options they offer are very affordable, priced around the $50 mark.

The best Audio-technica headphones for gamers

Offering above average sound quality and built in microphones, it is not surprising that Audio-technica´s gaming headsets have become increasingly popular amongst die hard gamers around the world.

Their designers have cleverly taken into account that the average gamer will spend at least two hours in front of his computer or gaming device and therefore, the headphones have been specifically designed with comfort in mind. This video reveals the best model of headphones for gaming.

Audio-technica headphones for Djs

The affordably priced stereo headphone range on offer by Audio-technica have received stellar reviews all over the Internet due to the immense sound quality that they provide.  Most Djs appreciate a hefty amount of bass and this is one of the features contributing to separating these headphones from their competitors.

One of the main advantages that many DJs have commented on is the fact that they are lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours on end. The also have the added advantage of being durable, meaning they will survive even the most hardcore of raves.

If you want to read more about the specific headphones recommended by DJs themselves, then click here to read some expert reviews! 

Audio-technica headphones for everyday

Even if you are not a professional DJ or Gamer and you just love to listen to good music for long periods of time, Audio-technica headphones can be used as everyday listening devices.

If you travel frequently, then you may want to consider purchasing a pair of the in-ear headphone options that they have available, to experience the same sound quality in a more discreet and compact manner.

Many satisfied customers have remarked on the longevity of the headphones, they maintain a clean, crisp sound even after a year of use, meaning that even the headphones that are sold at a higher price than the lower end ones, will be well worth the investment.

On the flip side however, a few people have commented on the length of the chords not being sufficient to accommodate movement, therefore if you plan on using them whilst moving around a lot during workouts, or simply sliding around your office, then you may want to consider looking into the plentiful wireless options that they have available.